Sunday, August 30, 2020

What We Did with the First Tomato Harvest

Finally the first tomato fruit was ripe for picking! It was only one tomato though so we wanted to use it for something special.

We found ready to eat hollandaise sauce the other day and thought we'd make eggs benedict with it. Eggs ben is one of my favorite breakfast dishes. I watched Gordon Ramsay's video last night to learn how to make poached eggs. Three out of the four turned out well. I fried the honey baked ham and toasted the bread a bit in its fat.

Sweetie did the plating --

I ate the tomato together with a spoonful of eggs ben. It was too small though, but the thought of eating organic, homegrown tomato gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling hehe. I hope the other tomato fruits would grow bigger!

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