Sunday, August 16, 2020

Unboxing and Review of Air Purifier: Atmosphere Sky Air Purifier

My lungs are quite delicate. It does not take much to trigger an asthma attack. A few weeks ago I didn't notice that the air quality started to deteriorate again. I was hoping it wouldn't happen this year. I let my guard down and after hanging up laundry at my balcony the asthma attack started. It progressed to the point I couldn't think anymore. I had to take meds and lie down for a few hours before I recovered.

It took a week and a new medical grade air purifier before I got better. I could've gone to see my respiratory doctor, but I'm really scared to go to the hospital especially when my immune system is down. I'm also avoiding getting prescribed additional medications. I wanted my body to cope and fight back on it's own.

I studiously took my meds, diffused some essential oils and tried not to stress out. What really helped me was my new toy, a medical grade air purifier. Several friends recommended different brands and I read up on all of them. I selected the Atmosphere Sky because of how it filters the air and because it's recommended by the UK Allergy Org and NEA Singapore. I read it's also used in a lot of hospitals. So I thought I'd take the chance and try it. It's quite expensive, but for me it's an important investment for my health.

Here's my unboxing and review vlog on the Atmosphere Sky. If you have any thoughts about air purifiers or if you have an Atmosphere Sky, comment down below.

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