Saturday, August 15, 2020

Filipino Food Delivery in Singapore

Not being able to travel back home has been tough. Can't be with family. Can't shop for local goods. Can't eat at our favorite restaurants. There are days things get hairy and the best way for us to cope is by ordering comfort food -- Filipino food, of course.

Ordering Filipino food in Singapore is a bit tricky for us. Most of the Filipino food deliveries are beyond our reach, so we order sparingly. Here's what we have so far ordered in the last few months -

Max's Restaurant

One of the things we miss most is fried chicken from the house that chicken built - Max's! The branch is quite far away from us so we usually order through Max's link. The minimum order for free delivery is SG$80 so we usually get a family set that would last us at least 3 meals. Their merienda meals are also quite sumptuous.

Minimum order: SG$80
Delivery fee: Free if you reach the minimum amount
Order from:

Filipino Fiesta

This Filipino restaurant is located at Joo Chiat Road when we were in the area to hear mass a couple of months ago. They have a huge menu! We ended up ordering so much food when we ate there. We did the same when we ordered online because the delivery cost is steep. Check out some of the items in the menu from the photo below.

Minimum order: SG$30
Delivery fee: SG$26++
Order from:

Lutong Pinoy

Lutong Pinoy is a resto located at Lucky Plaza. We probably ate there in the past. We just found out about it today since we've been craving for Filipino food. Their menu is a bit similar to Filipino Fiesta. Of course, we ended up ordering enough food for the whole weekend LOL. We also ordered red velvet pandesal with cream cheese. Going to have that for breakfast tomorrow!

Minimum order: SG$35
Delivery fee: free until August 31 at minimum order of SG$65
Order from:

Don Lechon

My friend Cathy sent us some lechon as part of her birthday celebration. She said it was from Don Lechon. We ordered some lechon when we had some friends over a few weeks ago. It was a big hit together with my spaghetti. Aside from lechon we got some leche flan for dessert. We ordered some frozen food also which we'll cook on a rainy day (got some bangus relleno). I ordered via WhatsApp, paid through Paylah after delivery and they delivered via LalaMove. Food was amazing of course!

Minimum order: SG$
Delivery fee: via LalaMove (they'll book it for you)
Order from: via WhatsApp +65 9778 9737 (more info at

Tapa King

The first day when phase 2 of the circuit breaker started our neighbors pinged us to do a group order from Tapa King. We all trooped to his place to eat and it felt right. We all hadn't seen each other for a few months when that happened and the experience of eating with friends again was just perfect.

Minimum Order: SG$70
Delivery fee: free when you order the minimum amount
Order from:


Sadly Jollibee is quite far from us so the usual food delivery apps show we're outside of the delivery area. Good thing there's islandwide delivery via Minimum order though had us ordering several meals which lasted us a few days hehe.

Minimum order: SG$50 + GST
Delivery fee: SG$8
Order from: [if you're outside of the Grab/Foodpanda/Deliveroo area]

Iskina Cebu

Update September 9, 2020: Finally saw this available on Grab last weekend. We ordered bangus sisig and liempo. The food was amazing and instantly brought us home!

Minimum order: SG$10 (via Grab)
Delivery fee: depends on your location; the have Islandwide delivery
Order from: Grab

If you're nearby any of the restaurants do check if delivery is available via Grab/Foodpanda or Deliveroo. Minimum order may be lower through them. We're usually desperate to have Filipino food so we order enough to last us several meals. I try to cook as much as I could, but we do miss eating out and there are some dishes are just better cooked by someone else hehe. And we just can't live without Pinoy food.

Will update this post if we try any other Filipino food restos. Happy eating!

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