Thursday, May 28, 2020

Multi-level Tokyu Hands in Nagoya

I bravely took the Shinkansen alone one cold November day from Tokyo to Nagoya. My friend Yoshi got the ticket for me and gave me instructions to go to a platform. Tokyo Station is huge! Yoshi told me to make sure I entered the right gate because the ticket is only valid once. I found the gate easily, but I hesitated to go in immediately and checked with the information counter which gate to go to. I was right all along.

In true Shinkansen fashion I bought some vending machine food to eat in the train. What I enjoyed most about the trip was seeing beautiful Mt. Fuji! I usually see its tip from our office, but seeing it closer was a rare treat! The last time I've been to Mt. Fuji was in high school.

I arrived in Nagoya in the evening. I just stayed at a hotel by the station since I was scheduled to leave for Osaka the next day. I love train stations in Japan. They're huge and usually connected to a nice mall. I walked around after checking in to look for some local food. I was told that I should try the tonkatsu in Nagoya since they have special sauce for it.

Absolutely yummy!

I walked around a bit more and discovered a gigantic Tokyu Hands branch! I lost count how many floors it had! It was heaven for me! As much as I wanted to go floor by floor the store was about to close. I decided just to go to the crafts floor and got some Christmas decor. They also had a lot of really lovely fabric. I got some sewing accessories I could use for quilting. If you're a crafts person, Tokyu Hands in Nagoya is a must visit!

We had our event the next day and I left after lunch for Osaka. I stayed in Nagoya for less than 24 hours. I stuck around the hotel/station area because it was a too cold outside for me. I had fun going around and observing where locals went. That's how I discovered the yummy tonkatsu above (as they say, line up where the locals buy food!). After Tokyu Hands closed I went back to the hotel and rested. The visit may have been short, but memorable nonetheless. Hope to get to visit Nagoya again someday.

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