Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The One I Haven't Watched on my Spotify Top 5 Artists

Spotify has a summary of what you listened to for the year. Saw this earlier when I used the app to play some Christmas songs after my last meeting. I needed to be in the right frame of mind to write several contracts*. 

I looked through the "wrap" and it included a list of the top 5 artists I listened to in the past year. I showed the list to Sweetie and he pointed out that I have watched 4 out of 5 live in concert. I immediately looked at the list and asked my friends to guess who I haven't watched. 

So who haven't I watched?

The Piano Guys

Most of my friends guessed The Piano Guys. If you did, you're wrong! Haha. I watched The Piano Guys on September 25, 2020 in Singapore. It was a surprise from Sweetie. The amazing music of The Piano Guys helped heal me and continues to do so until today. 

Backstreet Boys

Some also guessed the Backstreet Boys. It was the last biggest concert I watched before the pandemic happened. It was also another surprise by Sweetie! He bought tickets just two days before the concert because he heard good reviews about the concert. It was on that day that I said goodbye to Menudo


Ahhh, my all-time favorite band. I'm sorry to say, but I love Truefaith more than the most popular Pinoy rock band. Of course I got to watch them because I got free tickets from Eugene Marfil (Medwin's brother) who used to be SK chief of their barangay (story here). Anyway, that's how I got to watch them.  


Of course I watched Juris when she was part of MYMP. Twice hehe. And the second time was a surprise by Sweetie! The sappy story on how it happened is here. The first time I watched with my friend Mabel (I've completely forgotten about it, thanks to my blog now I remember!). I love Juris' voice and that's why I still listen to her songs to this day. 

Ben & Ben

I haven't been able to watch a concert in Manila for a long time now and Ben & Ben hasn't visited Singapore yet. So it's them. I haven't watched them perform in person yet. I'm subscribed to their YouTube channel and that's how I've come to love them. 

If you noticed, most of the concerts I watched was a surprise from Sweetie! That's because Sweetie is the founder of It's a multi-awarded website on Filipino music and I was starstruck when I first met him (teehee!). The website is offline now, but you can check out some of the photos he took of Filipino artists back in the day on the Titikpilipino Instagram account. Hopefully someday Sweetie can surprise me again to watch another concert!

Ben & Ben, please come to Singapore when it's safe! We'll definitely watch your concert! 

*This is where my legal management degree comes into practice haha. Dad would've been proud. 

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