Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Dear 2020 (Part 2)

Dear 2020, last January I wrote you a letter and asked for a better second month since January didn't start very well. I had planned for a spectacular 2020 since 2019 did not work the way I wanted it. But 2020, you had a mind of your own. Now that the year is almost over, let's see what happened to the spectacular year I planned -

- errr, things have gone downhill since May! I did achieve some fitness goals, but that went haywire when the circuit breaker kicked in. And now I'm on an extended medical leave. I'm still hopeful that things would get better.

Home Management - the move forced us to remove some stuff. I had plans to reduce clutter, but ugh blame online shopping (marked not safe!). We need to seriously declutter over the next few days. There's one thing though I managed to do and that's to get a pest control company to work on my childhood home.

Work on Financial Freedom - we were working on this, but had to set aside our plans since we couldn't go home.

Reading and Writing - my original plan for blogging was to complete a 30-day challenge. I kept it going since it has helped me cope. In a few days I would complete 365 days of blogging. Yay! On reading, I have a couple of new books! But I have read none because I've been so busy. The only thing I've consistently read is Didache.

Breaks - true to form I received a reminder from HR to take breaks. I would take one-two days off every so often, but I guess I should have taken longer breaks.

Travel - the only travel I did this year was back to Singapore last January. We've all been grounded since. We did a staycation last November. We wanted to do one more for Christmas, but then I got hospitalized. I really wanted to explore more this year.

- ended up learning how to bake bread! I learned through YouTube University haha. I focused on Filipino bread and you can check out what I made in my Home Panaderia playlist.

Hobbies - still quilting, I made a huge batch of mug rugs which I gave away for Christmas. I'm not done yet though. I did start a new collection -- Baby Yoda! Sweetie surprised me with one and that started the collection.

Play - sigh, I haven't really done any playing. My Switch has been in it's bag for a few months now.

Special Projects - I wanted to work on gathering our family recipes. Ended up starting with my own recipes. Check them out at Recipes for my Son.

I'm glad I made a list and after reviewing it I realized I was able to do a couple of things. The biggest setback though is my health. What 2020 took away was time with family and friends. We're still lucky though because there's technology that allows us to make video calls to connect easily with our loved ones. I'm also thankful that my family has been okay. 

A friend pointed out that the biggest challenge about this pandemic is dealing with your mental wellness. Her whole family was infected and only she and her newborn baby were spared. I agree with her since I'm still living in fear that I might get it or someone from my family would get it. And now that there's talks that the "second wave" has started the nightmare continues. 

So, dear 2020, I hope you don't spill over your bad vibes to 2021. I want to see and hug my family soon. 

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