Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Fun Board Games to Try

Got to try some board games recently with my neighbors. It was so fun and I can't wait to try it out with friends back home when this pandemic is over. Here's what I got to try -

Saboteur, the goal of this game is to find the gold in the mine. You're given an identity that you need to keep while building the map. If you're a miner you need to pave the way to get to the gold. But if you're a saboteur you need to foil the attempts of the miners to get to the gold. The fun in the game is guessing who among your friends have the same identity as you. We had a lot of laughs playing this game. 

Off Track, I'm glad we tried this game since I got this as a gift! I don't have the patience to learn the mechanics of a new game. I normally leave that to Miggy hehe. The game is a bit similar to Saboteur, but instead of a mine, you have to build train tracks to reach the destination of your assigned identity. It's a bit

more complicated than Saboteur since there are four identities that are assigned. This is a game made here in Singapore so it was interesting to see the different MRT stations in the game. 

Pictionary Air, this game definitely requires a lot of energy and stamina! It's like your usual Pictionary, but this one comes with an app that you need to install in your phone and cast the game to your TV. It's hilarious to see what you try to draw on air without looking at the screen! Can you believe I ended up dancing Pearly Shells to get my team to guess the word "shell"? I drew the logo of Shell (the gasoline provider), but my drawing was a wreck so I decided to do a hula dance to get them to guess it right hahaha. It's a really fun game, but bring lots of energy and brain power to play it! 

I'm glad I got to experience these games with my friends. We just laughed the night away and this is what I need at this time. Thank you so much Westies. Hope we can do it again for new year! 

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