Monday, December 7, 2020

Three White Hair

I thought I'd use the title "Three White Hair" today because it's what made me laugh out loud today. I was chatting with my seatmate when he said he was so sad. I asked why and he said he had three new white hair! I burst into laughter because he sounded so serious! I told him he should treat it as wisdom hair. 

White hair = Yoda = wisdom! Yaaaas!

I definitely have more than three white hair. A huge chunk of it came out only this year. I also have multi-colored hair, but I think it's largely due to my health fluctuating. I don't know about other cultures, but it's a belief back home that white hair can be caused by stress. Inuuban na ako dahil sa hirap ng buhay! (My hair is turning white because life is hard!). 

I used to pull out random white strands I would see. Now I'm just leaving them in there to wear as part of my "evolved" self. Much like how Gandalf evolved as Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White. As I told my seatmate, treat them as your wisdom hair. 

Brother Bo's video today is a great way to look at obstacles. This year has been full of obstacles for all of us, but it depends on you how you treat those obstacles. Lots to learn from this video, go watch :)

I realized today that there's been so many changes to my body this year. I thought that my body would have a boost this year since it's been 7 years since my heart surgery. It didn't happen and I realized that as you age these are some of the things you can expect. There's no way your body is going to be the same and you have to work harder to keep it in good shape. I'm happy to share that I'm feeling much better compared to a week ago. 

My doctor was right, it takes time for your body to go back to normal after a viral infection. You can't wait around though for your body to miraculously go back to normal, you need to work hard to get back your stamina. I'm so grateful I have the most patient physiotherapist in the whole wide universe. 

Work it, work it :)

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