Saturday, December 19, 2020

It's Hard to Stay Offline

My doctor advised me to stay offline, reduce screen-time, and rest. I was surprised they mandated an extended medical leave so my body can rest and recover properly. I understand why my doctor mandated this, but it's been hard to stay offline. 

I woke up early and was about to get up, but Sweetie encouraged me to sleep more. I did because my head was throbbing. I took a peek at my phone and my head hurt more. I immediately turned it off and went to sleep. I finally got up after lunch because I was hungry. 

Yesterday's ride back home. 

After lunch I took several peeks on my phone. I think I'll need to keep my phone away from me so I can stay offline and keep my mind off work. I also need to stop multi-tasking to give my brain a proper rest. I guess it's the time of the year to clear the cache. 

For the next few weeks I'll catch up on sleep and spend more time doing offline stuff like reading books and quilting. Last night I finally finished decorating our tree since the additional gnome decor finally arrived. I'm still working on my Christmas project and started to work on it again today. The funny thing is I ended up sewing my daster on it. That means I really need to rest! 

I sewed my daster to the quilt! Gaaaah.

Will focus on resting my mind and body for now. I will still blog daily :)

CB//254 #StuckAtHomeDay/284 #StayHome #BeKind

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