Monday, December 28, 2020

Finally Reached Level 40!

I was in Tokyo when I started playing Pokemon Go back in 2016. My teacher friend, Kaoru-san, taught me how to play. I remember it very well, it was a weekend and we were at a school for a workshop. It wasn't available yet in Singapore so I was excited to try it out. I played a lot for a few months and then eventually became a casual gamer (*log-in only when I remember). 

Pokemon Center at Changi Jewel, October 2019.

The thing that got me going was my boys. I would play when they played. Miggy was our guru since he knew a lot about Pokemon. I throw a mean curveball because Miggy taught me how to do it. To be honest I don't really understand all the rules, I just keep catching and battling haha. 

Last November Sweetie said that the level 40 legacy medal will be given to those who reach level 40 by end of the year. At that time I still needed about 1.5M to complete the level and though I'd never reach it. Early December Sweetie said that you can earn up to 4k+ XP from excellent throws when you're using a lucky egg. 

On community day I earned 300k and I thought, oh maybe I'll make it. I was not convinced since I still had over a million to go. I also did not have any friends who were due to become my best friend, so the only recourse for me was to catch more or do raids (no go for raids though).  

Then I got sick and was told to stay offline. Good thing Sweetie got me a Pokemon Go Plus gadget. It took care of catching for me and Sweetie took care of spinning Pokestops for me! When I get to play I'd try hard to make excellent throws. That's what helped me finally reach level 40. Sweetie reached level 40 on his 4th year of playing (blog post here) and with his help I finally reached level 40! Yay! 

Thank you Sweetie and Miggy and all my friends for being the best Pokemon Go buddies ever! 

P.S. Thought I'd celebrate this small win today. Unfortunately my recovery is still very slow and I had to hospital hop to see my other doctor to fix me. I'd like to keep this as my happy thought for today. 

CB//263 #StuckAtHomeDay/293 #StayHome #BeKind

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