Friday, December 11, 2020

Dance to the Rhythm

Waiting for meds.
Yesterday was what my PT warned me about. It was a two steps forward, but three steps back kind of day. Went to see my doctor this morning for my regular check-up and he gave me medication for the meds. I'm on the fence on whether I should bother my cardiovascular surgeon.

I think this is the day I realized that I need to understand more about living with arrhythmia. It was discovered six months ago when I just suddenly had dizzy spells and strange heart rate. I was so exhausted (just as I have been since yesterday). My doctor explained to me when it happens my heart beats like it's on a marathon. That's why I feel so exhausted. 

I had to stay at a cafe after my check-up since I felt so groggy. Ate a bit before going home. It didn't help that the Grab driver was arguing to pick me up at the other side of the hospital. I refused since I booked my pick-up location correctly and it would have been detrimental for me to walk a block to get to where he was. A little empathy picking up passengers from a hospital would go a long way noh. 

Got home and did some important stuff for work that couldn't wait and then I took a long nap. Woke up when Sweetie arrived. I'm thankful that the nap helped because we had a scheduled housewarming get-together that I didn't want to miss. Seeing friends always helps me get better. 


Tomorrow I have to do a bit more research how I can conquer this weird heart rhythm. The strange thing is it springs on me unexpectedly and normally when I'm doing much better. It shouldn't be that way. I will not be defeated. 

Pray for me, k?

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