Sunday, December 6, 2020

Refreshing Staycation at MBS!

One thing we miss most this year is traveling. My plan this year was to travel more, explore more and make more happy memories. It took us awhile to feel comfortable to book a staycation. We finally did when we saw two friends go on a staycation at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This encouraged us to go and book a weekend stay. 

The day finally came for our staycation and we both realized we were not used to packing anymore. We had to look for our travel stuff since we haven't packed since the beginning of the year. If you're staying at MBS do follow their advise to fill-out the forms online and book your queue number before you come to the hotel. That would save you a lot of time. 

Here's our vlog about the staycation!

After check-in we just rested a bit and then got some supplies from the mall. We were so excited we forgot to pack some water and snacks (the perils of not traveling for 10 months haha). We learned though that we should have booked restaurants prior to coming. We wanted to try Spago, but it was full. Luckily the staff called us back and said they had an available table for us. We sat outside (our preference) and enjoyed our first dinner. More about what we ate at Spago here.

We've always seen MBS from afar, but it was our first time to go up the structure (yup, only now after living here for 9 years!). After dinner we went to the Sky Deck to check out the view. I've been to many tall buildings, but this is the first time my knees almost gave way probably because it was an open air deck. It felt really different from enclosed sky decks. We got a 360' view of Singapore and it was beautiful. 

The next day we had brunch at Adrift. It was a great gastronomic experience (what we ate blog post here). We chose the Chef's Way so we can experience different dishes. What made our brunch more fun was the crew of the restaurant. They were so friendly and efficient. I'm thinking maybe we can swing by again before Christmas. Adrift  is love, love.

It was a warm day so we just hung out in the room after taking a walk around the mall. We had a wonderful nap (a.k.a. food coma) and was re-energized for dinner. Encountered the same problem on booking a resto, but found out you can get takeaway from Lavo. We were still quite full so we just got some pizza and pasta. We didn't eat that much because we were scheduled for the pool at 8pm (another thing you should book early!). The late night pool date was perfect because there weren't that many guests and we enjoyed our dip. It was refreshing since the last time we were able to go swimming was in late March. 

Our last interesting experience was the buffet at Rise. We booked it a few days before check-in. It was also always full, but we luckily got a slot for Sunday lunch. It's a different buffet experience since you just sit and ask the staff to just bring whatever you want from the menu. We had a great experience since the crew were also very friendly and efficient. We definitely missed eating at a buffet place. It was so different from how buffets used to work, but we went home super full nonetheless. 

Details about the food we ate are over at Lakwatsera Ako. Check out the posts -





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