Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Story Behind Jaybucks

Jaybucks started because I have a bad habit. I tend to forget to eat breakfast once I start working. I don't remember the exact year Sweetie started making sandwiches for me. It must have been 2014 or earlier. All the notes are back home in an album in Manila. 

The term Jaybucks started as a joke. I love all the sandwiches Sweetie makes for me and I teased him that maybe one day he'll have his own coffee shop. Thus the term Jaybucks was born. 

The notes with the sandwich started because Sweetie promised me he'll replace all the love letters and cards that perished during typhoon Ondoy. So for many, many years now I have Jaybucks food and notes. Here's one from the earlier ones -

Jaybucks circa 2014

The notes sometimes reflect current events, like this PBB Jaybucks sandwich -

Jaybucks circa 2016

And sometimes there are puzzles!

Jaybucks puzzle

And sometimes he takes a break!

Jaybucks on break

When we have friends over, he ventures into creating samplers -

Jaybucks sampler

And, of course, Christmas is always special -

Jaybucks Christmas special

Today's Jaybucks was my favorite tuna sandwich :)

Happy wife, happy life :)

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