Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas 2020: Celebrating Far Away from Home

Celebrating Christmas in the most unusual way this year. This is the first Christmas I'm celebrating without my Mom and Miggy. Most of us won't have our families complete. The other night we had Christmas dinner with our friends. We made the effort to have a Christmas spread, but realized that there were many things missing, i.e. veggies! We all agreed it was hard to celebrate Christmas without our Moms since they always made sure there was something healthy in the handaan

As a promise to Baby Jesus, I got up and trudged to the park to re-start my fitness journey. It came with aches and pains, but it's the only way for me to move forward. Wish me luck!

For many years now I have been preparing noche buena. I can't help but laugh at myself because last year I actually cooked pinakbet as part of our Christmas lunch with Mommy and Dad. It was my first time to cook pinakbet because my friend Buddy from sent me a box of veggies.  Dad took home the rest of the pinakbet because he liked it a lot. 

And that's what I'll miss most this Christmas - my family. Kuya and fam are in Indonesia and Australia. Ate and her fam are in the US. I won't get to see my cousins, titos and titas and I won't get to eat our traditional family feast! Tonight it's just Sweetie and me and Miggy over hangout. We'll still come up with a Christmas family photo. Watch out for it!

Merry Christmas everyone! Warm hugs to all!

Happy birthday Baby Jesus =)

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