Friday, May 8, 2009


When I was a kid I thought it was funny that a band was named after a local dish - Menudo. I loved them though.

I was about ten years old when I begged my Dad to watch their concert at the Folk Arts Theater. We were somewhere in the middle and I remember having to stand on a chair just to see them (everyone was standing up). My Dad covered his ears just to drown out the screaming audience (including me).


The next time that the band came my Dad refused to go with me. So I asked my Kuya to accompany me. My Kuya then was still courting my sister-in-law and to make pasikat he bought us front row tickets for the Araneta concert! I certainly enjoyed the concert since I got winks from the band members (Ricky Martin FTW!) since I was the only kid in the row. Yun nga lang I went home hungry since we didn't have money anymore for snacks afterwards. LOL. 

I just suddenly remembered how obsessed I used to be with the Menudo when I was a kid coz one of their songs was played on the radio this afternoon. I had my parents buy me posters, magazines, casette tapes and other Menudo stuff. I ended up reminiscing in the cab on the way home when this song (If You're Not Here) played over the radio. 

Urkk! After being so boy-crazy over Menudo I promised myself I'd never be as obsessed over another band ever again. And I did... and then Leonardo Dicaprio came along.

Geeezzz... So what's your favorite Menudo song?



  1. Like an explosion ! (jump to letter Y formation) ... my love for you (both hands towards heart then both hands in opem palm position away from heart) ... it's an explosion ... my love for you. It's an explosion that keeps my heart beating... beating inside...ahhhhide... ahhhide...

    pasensya na... kabisado ko choreography kasi nito. at ginamit rin ng chippy for their commercial ito dati.

  2. @jaydj I'm sure if you were here with me now you'd be dancing it LOL.

  3. I loooooooooooove that song!! :)


    Memorize ko yung song na yan... (i kept hearing it on the radio nung bata ako!!)

  4. i remembered i really wanted to watch that concert! i joined this menudo raffle contest in school sponsored by pepsi. you have to buy lots of pepsi drinks to have a raffle stub. even if i'm not a pepsi drinker, i had to gulp a lot for that raffle stub. i won a concert ticket but consumed too many pepsis in my lifetime haha. in the end, i gave up my ticket because i was still in grade school at that time and had no chaperone LOL

  5. i remembered i was desperate to watch that menudo concert. i joined this raffle contest in school sponsored by pepsi. i am not a pepsi drinker but had to gulp and buy lots of pepsi drinks for that elusive raffle stub. i did win a menudo concert ticket but gave it up because i had no chaperone. i was still in grade school at that time! i'm a coke addict bec of that pepsi experience LOL

  6. I'm going back to the Philippines.... where my love is waiting.... ha ha ha!