Saturday, December 5, 2020

I have Bottomless Inspiration

There are days it's hard to get out of bed. Days when I don't feel so motivated. Days when I feel lazy. This happens usually when I don't have enough sleep or when I didn't get a good night's sleep. In the Philippines I hear this question asked a lot, "Para saan ka gumigising?" (Who do you wake up for?). 

Of course, I wake up for my family, but when I need the extra boost I think about my primary work stakeholder, the teachers. Yesterday, I was smiling from ear to ear after a meeting because a consultant praised the event our teacher community is hosting this weekend. He said his friend from an international school told him about it. I told him the recognition should go to all the educators who worked hard to put the program together. 

Through the years I have had the privilege of meeting and befriending passionate teachers across the globe. They are the busiest people, but they still find time to help others learn more. They give their time so selflessly so that others may learn. Just thinking about my teachers inspire me a lot.

Be inspired and learn from the Asia Pacific Google Educator Groups this weekend. They have put together an amazing line-up of learning sessions. You can check out the details here or check out the session list by language -

Congratulations #GEGapac for an amazing initiative!

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