Sunday, December 27, 2020

Our 11th Anniversary Date

Our date yesterday did not push through for several reasons: (1) Our cleaner finished late, then (2) it started raining hard, and (3) I had another giddiness spell after completing an email. We decided to postpone our date to today. We instead ordered some yummy food via Grab and just ate at home last night. 

The day started beautifully, no rain in sight! Once we got on our ride it started pouring haha. We just wanted a simple merienda date so we went to the newly opened Hundred Acre Creamery at Clementi. The cafe just opened a week ago and is inspired by Winnie the Pooh's home. 

We had to wait awhile since the cafe had limited seats. The staff were very friendly and kept checking on us while we waited. We didn't mind waiting since there were several Pokestops and Gyms in the area that kept us busy. We eventually got in and got gelato, coffee and tea. Just chilled for a bit and then checked out a local bakery and fish shop before going home. 

We just had a short date since I'm still in recovery mode and I'm still building up my stamina. Last year's celebration was more planned out since we went to Bohol together with Miggy. We love doing family trips and things are just not the same since Miggy's back home. We originally planned to go on another staycation, but we just had an unexpected one at the hospital (lol). We also think it'll be better to hold off doing staycations for now. If we really want to we can always sleep in the second room in our apartment. Hahaha. 

So that's how our 11th anniversary date went. My friend, Boss said, "Just like steel, the 11th year anniversary symbol, may your marriage continue to shine & be strong for all the years to come." I haven't gotten Sweetie any anniversary gift yet, so maybe I should find something made of steel heehee. 

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