Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Chedeng

In the Philippines we fondly call the Mercedes Benz, the Chedeng. I don't really know why, I grew up hearing people refer to the Benz as the Chedeng. My Dad worked for General Motors and that's how he obtained a Benz. My Tito Louie said it was a 1967 W11 190D. It was the car I grew up with. It was huge, super sturdy and it had a pull down seat which was my designated seat. The doors were always too heavy for me and I could never open and close it by myself.

Daddy's car looked a bit like this, same color and build but the headlights were different. I saw this car back in 2016 at a university in Northern Luzon. Took all my will not to fling my arms around it LOL. 

My Dad never sold the car. He had an idea to keep it useful and eventually turned it into a pick-up. He super loved the car and we had it at home until I was in college. We had so many adventures with it. Every summer we'd pile up in the car and Dad would drive all the way to Bicol. There was that memorable pig in the highway (story here) and the snake in the car!

I have so many precious memories about Daddy's Benz. It was the car where my family was always complete. And so today when I went out for my physiotherapy session I saw a Benz taxi when I alighted from my Grab. I hoped then that I'd get to ride one on the way home.

Benz is <3 I think it's the perfect car.

Bought milk and juice after my session and crossed the street to the taxi stand. I had a huge smile on my face when I saw that the taxi waiting was a Benz. Uncle greeted me with a huge smile and all the way home I reminisced happy childhood memories. It also made me feel like Daddy was just around watching over me.

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