Monday, July 13, 2020

How to Be a Tita

This post is dedicated to all my friends who are budding Titas (aunties). I thought I'd make a list because I have friends who keep asking me about what to do at home. I think I have reached ultimate Tita level the last few months that I've been stuck at home. Accepting the Tita in me has also helped me cope better with the current situation we are all in.

Step 1: Assess Your Home, Make it the Best Place to Stay In

You just need the basics to survive staying home. I only acquire things when I really need it.

Step 2: Define Your Day-to-Day Needs and Know Where to Get Them Online

I rarely bought things online before the lockdown. The first thing I did was to look for online sources for my two households. I would order at least two weeks before I ran out of food since things are not always available. Don't hoard though, just buy what you need.

Step 3: Pay All Your Bills Online

I've been doing this for many years and I don't remember the last time I paid for a bill in person. And make sure you pay your bills on time. Set a regular banking day so you don't forget to pay all your bills.

Step 4: Define a Work Hard Stop

I made the mistake of working 12-14 hours per day in the first two months of the circuit breaker. I got sick and I burnt out. Since then I set a hard stop and follow that diligently. I also realized I'm a maker and need blocks of time to get work things done. I decline meetings during these block times.

Step 5: Cook Those Meals You Miss Eating

I set a target for myself to learn dishes I love ordering when we're outside. There are so many recipes online you can follow to cook your favorite food. I also set a baking target and I've been learning to bake my favorite Pinoy buns the last three months.

Step 6: Work on Your Memories: Make a Photobook!

I blog because I want to remember the things I experience. Early this year I backed up all the digital photos I have from my old CDs and external hard drives. I have so far made two photobooks -- my happy treasure photobook and 10-years of the DJs. If you don't like printing stuff you can make a blog or vlog. 

Step 7: Keep in Touch with Your Girlfriends Online

Me and my girlfriends check on each other every so often. Sometimes we also hangout using Google Meets or Messenger. I also do this with my Mom. With phase 2 in place I've started to invite a few friends at a time to my new home (a.k.a. housewarming in phases/make sure to follow restrictions!).

Step 8: Be a Plantita

Ahhh something that's really changed my life is when I started to plant. It started as an experiment, but when the plants started growing I had to learn how to care for them better. I've met new friends because of this and don't be shy to ask for help. (My gardening journey is here).

Step 9: Self-Care Routine and Meditate

Don't let yourself go just because you don't need to go out! Moisturize and take care of yourself, your nails, your eyebrows etc. Meditate!

Step 10: Netflix and Chill 

By now you should have finished watching Crash Landing on You! Time to move on to other entertaining series. Or just pop on your favorite music playlist and chill.

The key to being a Tita is to love yourself, know your priorities and don't forget to pray.

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