Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Plant Tuesdays: How Tomato Plants Develop from Flower to Fruit

I was so excited last week when I saw my tomato plant finally bear fruit! My heart jumped when I saw it. I've been watching the lone fruit like a hawk the past week. It's been very windy the past few days, good thing the tomato plants have been resilient.

So after seeing the tomato bear its first fruit I got curious. I wanted to find out how it looks like when it develops from flower to fruit. Like what happens when it gets pollinated? I looked for videos on YouTube to see if there was any timelapse anyone has posted. There were some, but they were not exactly clear. So I asked the tomato plants to show me.

That's the tiny bulge that surprised me yesterday.

I was hand pollinating the flowers yesterday when I saw a tiny bulge. It was a tiny fruit! I was so happy to see another fruit evolving. It means the effort I've been making to manually pollinate the flowers is working. I looked around to see if there was another fruit evolving and I found a flower transforming.

See that tiny, tiny fruit peeking?

Now I know how the flower looks like as it develops into fruit. I'm tracking a few more flowers so I can get a day to day perspective. I'm nerdy that way haha.

Here's how I've been manually pollinating the tomato plant flowers. It so far works!

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