Thursday, July 2, 2020

I Miss My Mom and Miggy

I feel so drained this past week. I think I need a break. I've also been missing my Mom and Miggy a lot. This is the longest I have been away from them.

I just realized that I won't be with them on my birthday. Last year I had the best birthday. We were in Manila and we ate at my favorite spaghetti place -- Makati Supermart. In the evening we had Korean barbeque at Romantic Baboy. It was a simple happy day with the family.

Sweetie has been a really good companion. He's been very patient and has provided the stability I need. He knows when I'm feeling down and does things to make me feel better. I guess what has helped us is the many hobbies and interests we have. That's what we do on weekends.

Of course I cannot help but worry over my Mom and Miggy. They both say they're okay and have been managing well. Mom had been having cough and colds often, but I noticed that this has been drastically reduced since she's just been home. She still tends to her garden everyday and it's still so hard to get through her landline (coz it's always busy!).

I pray though that things will be a bit better this Christmas and we can all be together again.

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