Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Just Keep Doing What You Love

I just finished watching the video "Inside the Hidden Life of Alodia" by Wil Dasovich. It was an interesting peek on her cosplay life and what brought her to where she is now. It was her parents who revealed that she just pursued her passion. People found her weird and she was bullied growing up. She went on to do what she loved doing.

Whenever I travel I don't go to the usual tourist places, I go to craft shops!

I could relate to her experience. I was weird growing up (still am) and I got bullied too because I was different. I just couldn't fit in (I still don't). I still have a hard time fitting in and I can't ever be just like everyone else. I also had to adjust a lot the way I live because of my medical conditions. I'm grateful that the people around me, my family, my friends, my colleagues, all understand that I can't be like them because of my physical limitations.

With my dear friend Juned, we went up Borubodur despite our physical limitations.
I miss you my friend. 

I never let my physical limitations limit what I can do. I have adjusted, but I always find ways to continue doing what I love. If it was up to my doctors I should probably be retired now and just doing non-stressful things. But I get up everyday and do what I do because it's what I love doing.

Love it. Do it. And thrive.

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