Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday Musings: Mambukal Resort and It's 7 Falls

I still remember that day we went to Mambukal Resort. The team planned to trek the 7 falls. I said I'd go, but planned to cover only the first three falls since I heard getting to the 7th was hard. Little did I know the guide decided to switch the hike. We started from top to bottom.

As expected I trudged on slowly. A few friends stayed behind to keep me company. By the time I reached the area of the 7th waterfall I was too tired to move. I just hung out a shed with Dana until we decided to head back down.

I thought it would be easier to go down. It wasn't! The trek down had us removing our shoes to cross a river. We hang on tree branches for dear life. Slowly go through an area where there were bees swarming. I could barely walk by the time we reached fall number 3 and I had to rest a bit. I let my friends move ahead since lunch was about to be served.

I took my sweet time going back down since my thighs were already frozen. Because I was left behind I had time to take as many photos as I wanted and I had a ready photographer -- the guide! Hahaha. I may not have planned to see all the 7 waterfalls, but I did! And that was a huge achievement for me. I paid for it for a week! That's what you get from hiking without any practice!

What's your most memorable hike? 

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