Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snake Encounters

The only encounter I'd want to have with snakes is the "TV-kind" but unfortunately our home's located beside a creek so I've had hair-raising encounters with them.

The car door snake

Back in the 80s majority of cars didn't have airconditioners and my Dad's bulky Mercedes Benz didn't have one either so whenever we used it we had the windows open. My Mom used to drive it around too whenever she had meetings and one day brought it around Fort Bonifacio, parked it under a tree and left the window open a bit.

The next day I was really excited since my parents were going to bring me to school. I was just in first grade and took the school bus most of the time, but that day my parents decided to bring me to school. When we opened the car the stench of something rotting surprised us. Out fell a dead snake after opening one of the doors. My Mom probably didn't notice it when she shut the door the day before. Good thing though that the door caught it since the snake was poisonous.

The kitchen cabinet snake

Back when I was a junior in high school we had carpentry class and one of the assignments we had was to make a lamp. Most of my classmates blew up their lamps so I decided to get some help from my Mom's carpenter at home. One of the cabinets held our tools so I opened it up to get some stuff but was surprised by a silver snake that was ready to strike. I was really fast though and shut the cabinet immediately. I also immediately scooted up the kitchen table. We never found the snake and I wonder if it's still somewhere in the house (it's probably dead LOL).

The car wheel snake

It was raining hard during my graduate school graduation. We brought my Dad's car that day but it was wonky so we decided to park it outside of the house. We couldn't move the car anymore after parking it because it wouldn't start anymore. The rain was coming down in torrents and it took awhile before we got off the car and got in the house. The next day we were surprised to see our neighbors looking at the back wheel of the car. I thought there was something wrong but was surprised to see a snake under the wheel. It was tan and had diamond spots and a triangular head. The wheel probably saved my son from being bitten by the snake.

Other snake encounters

Snake skin. Once found snake skin in the backyard. It must've come from a really fat snake.

Zoo snakes. I guess everyone's seen those.


  1. I dont like snakes too. :) we once found a snake in our backyard too, both the skin and the snake who just shedded its skin. we didn't know how to kill it and were too scared to go near.

    So we had our neighbor get it and he threw the snake into our very busy street. And so it died after being runned over by several motorcycles, tricycles, cars, vans and a convoy of 18 wheeler trucks.

    I'm scared to find one inside a house. I'd be terrified to death then.

  2. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Oh my god, I hate snakes. O_O

    Last summer while we were home in the province, our family guard caught a snake. Said they found it under the guardhouse. Good thing we didn't meet it since me and my cousin usually walk back from my grandparents house to my cousin's house which is next door. Path to their house is full of grass so good thing the snake wasn't in that area.

    Another time, our driver caught a snake in our house here in Manila. It was near the trash area. SCARY.

    I can't imagine living in that kind of place. It creeps me out. My prof told me that some parts of Australia are like that. Ayaw ko na tumira dun. Haha.