Saturday, July 11, 2020

We Went to the Mall (First Time in 4 Months)

My original plan today was to bake and do some sewing. I was surprised when Sweetie asked me if I wanted to go with him to the laptop service center. He was scheduled to bring in his laptop because of its faulty hinge. Of course I said yes.

I was so excited because I haven't been to the mall since February. I normally make a list of things I need throughout the week and just buy when I meet the minimum for the delivery. Shopping that way is a bit frustrating especially if it's an ingredient I really need for cooking. I needed eggs and just a few things and thought we can swing by the supermarket to buy some essential stuff.

I wasn't prepared to see so many people. To be honest there seemed to be more people than shopping during Christmas. We immediately made our way to the service center. I didn't want to stay long in an enclosed area so told Sweetie I'd wait for him outside. I went around the bookstore beside the service center and just waited for him by the entrance. I was overwhelmed to see so many people. All the shops require you to check-in through a QR code that sends you to a check-in page.

We moved to another mall after Sweetie finished his business at the service center. It was a bigger mall and so had less people. We split up and I went to my favorite store -- Spotlight -- to buy some buttons. Then I went to Daiso to buy some items for my plants. I ordered some items online, but they're taking so long to arrive and my cucumbers have been unhappy the last few days. The line at Daiso was long, but the queue moved fast. I super miss the days when I could spend a long time inside stores.

We decided to take a break first before going to the supermarket. It felt a bit surreal to be eating out again. We originally did not want to eat out, but we got tired and needed to rest. We just had a snack and went to finish out errands. The supermarket was... heaven! We just had a short list of items, but ended up with 8 bags of items. LOL! I think I have everything I need for a month and the eggs are good until mid-August. 

Going out was quite overwhelming and I think today's mall adventure is enough to last me a few months. I'll stick to online shopping for now and I can just drop by a convenience store whenever I go for my PT sessions. I'm so glad Sweetie asked me to accompany him out today :)

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