Friday, July 10, 2020

Heartbreaking Day for Kapamilyas

Today is probably one of the most painful days for us in the Philippines. Congress voted not to renew the franchise of ABS-CBN. I was baking when I heard about it and to me it felt like someone passed away.

One of the interviews I did at ABS-CBN back in 2013.

I remember very well when I first realized that ABS-CBN was a "brand". My sixth grade class was tasked to vote which news show we usually watched. I remember it because I was one of those who didn't watch TV Patrol. My parents preferred to watch a different news show and I asked them when I went home why they didn't like TV Patrol. My Dad said that bulk of the news were police reports and he preferred to watch more news about the economy and politics. He said he liked their late night news - "The World Tonight".

Things changed and we eventually started watching TV Patrol and ABS-CBN because our daily staple for news and entertainment. Ang TV, Mara Clara, Gimik, Pangako Sa `Yo, Walang Hanggan, Be Careful With My Heart and many more shows was there everyday. Eventually I had opportunity to work on some projects that involved ABS-CBN and I got to meet many people across the organization. Sweetie also got invited to many of their music events and I tagged along often. I'm also grateful they had supported my crisis response projects.

Random photo I took during one of my visits.

When I moved to Singapore I immediately signed up for TFC. It was what kept me connected and updated to the things happening back home. My friends would always be surprised that I know so much about what's happening back home. What I appreciate about the network are the many talents they are able to showcase and the production quality.

TFC circa 2012.

I wasn't surprised about the outcome of today's vote. The things happening back home reminds me of the time when I was a child during Martial Law. My Dad always explained the situation to us. We always had to be cautious back then. What happened today is a huge setback, but knowing us Filipinos we always find a way. This probably happened for a reason and I hope and pray this would be a good reminder to us that we should choose our leaders conscientiously.

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