Friday, July 3, 2020

25 Years After World Youth Day 1995

Oh wow! It's been 25 years since World Youth Day 1995. I realized this when Ate Neysa pinged me a few weeks ago. She said that her choir was going to come out with a new version of the theme song, "Tell the World of His Love". Trina Belamide, the composer of the song, is part of the choir and was looking for WYD 1995 photos to use for the video. Of course, my photo collection got volunteered. It's a good thing that I had scanned my WYD 1995 photos because they got destroyed during Typhoon Ondoy. So the set of photos are really precious to me.

I'm always happy to share my WYD 1995 experience. I had previously shared it on a news segment (tiny version is here). My Ate said that my photos are also displayed in the National Shrine of Saint John Paul II in Washington. I hope whoever sees the photos would feel the love and happiness I was feeling during that time.

Ate Neysa is one of the singers in the new version of Tell the World of His Love.
Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. I felt so drained because of some uncontrollable situations. I normally read Didache before I sleep and the title of yesterday's reflection was, "Be a Prophet". I wanted to write about the new version of "Tell the World of His Love" yesterday, but I was just really tired. Reading the Word yesterday reminded me that I have to have faith. I am where I am because I have a mission to fulfill.

And that's why I easily agreed to share my old photos for the video of "Tell the World of His Love". I felt so much joy on that day especially when Pope John Paul II passed in front of us. It was the same feeling when we visited Kamay ni Hesus for healing in 2009. And most recently when we were blessed by Pope Francis in Rome two years ago.

I have been struggling health-wise the last few years. There are good days and there are bad days, but I always pull through mainly because of my faith and the love of my family. That's all that matters and I just leave where I should be to Him.

Where you at World Youth Day 1995? What was your experience?

*Congratulations Mass Appeal Choir and Trina for the new version of "Tell the World of His Love" and thank you Pablo for the amazing video!

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