Sunday, July 26, 2020

Homemade Longganisa for Sweetie and Me

Supplies from home are slowly dwindling. You cannot imagine my panic when I almost ran out of toyo and suka. I tried other brands, but the outcome isn't the same. I'm out of my usual coffee and my usual stock of canned goods from home are almost gone. I'm down to my last Purefoods hotdog, Pampanga's Best tocino and longganisa.

Normally when I get to travel to Manila I always bring back supplies. Usually canned goods, toiletries and a kilo or two of tocino, longganisa and hotdog. You can buy Purefoods hotdog in Lucky Plaza (usually, I don't know now), but I prefer to bring from Manila since it's cheaper versus buying from LP. One of the Pinoy groceries explained to me before that they are not allowed to import longganisa or tocino. They usually make it here. Unfortunately none of the Pinoy groceries do delivery here and I'm only able to get some supplies from either Fairprice or Giant when they have it.

Some sellers taking advantage of the low supply in the market.
This is just SG$5 at Fairprice (for both!).

That's the reason why I embarked on my home panaderia project. You can get some Filipino food locally, but most of the sellers are on the other side of the island so delivery fees can be expensive. So far the buns I've been baking have been edible, but I'm still shy to share it since I don't think it's perfect yet. I have so far made ensaymada, pandesal, monay and putok. It's a lot of work!

I've been craving for longganisa the past two weeks. I was in high school the last time I attempted to make longganisa. It was during cooking class. We didn't finish the lesson because there was a coup d'etat and classes were suspended. We had mixed the meat with the ingredients and it was supposed to stay in the fridge for a few days before we cooked it. By the time we got back to school the meat was spoiled because there were brownouts.

I always took for granted that I could just always buy longganisa. Looked for an easy to make recipe and made some for dinner tonight. Sweetie said he liked it a lot. We did not have any leftovers lol. Next time I'll probably try to make a different type of longganisa. Maybe longganisang Lucban or Vigan longganisa. Yummy!

What about you? What's your favorite longganisa?

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