Monday, July 20, 2020

Monday Musings: Tokyo Disneyland in Winter

By some stroke of luck we were able to purchase inexpensive tickets to visit Japan. I bought roundtrip tickets for three to Tokyo for just PhP21,000. My Tita Pet insisted we stay with them for the whole duration of the trip and we stayed there for almost two weeks. We didn't realize that the trip date was right in the middle of Japan's winter time. We saved a lot of money for the trip, but ended up buying winter clothes to keep us warm (check out my winter clothes must haves).

We enjoyed our stay despite the super cold weather. The most memorable day for me was when we visited Tokyo Disneyland. Uncle Fumio advised that we should go really early because it was peak season and Disney would sometimes turn away visitors if they're full already. We got up really early and made sure we rode the train Uncle Fumio advised we should get on.

It was 2'C when we arrived at Disneyland. It was only 7 in the morning and it was too cold for us to go around. We ended up hiding inside one of the cafes to have breakfast. We hang out in the cafe until the temperature went up a bit. Despite the cold weather the park was still full and lines to the rides were long. We probably visited all the souvenir shops that dotted the park, mainly to keep warm.

I think the ride I enjoyed the most was "It's a Small World". It was a great way to rest from all the walking we did. I insisted we try the roller coaster for kids. It was a bad idea because it was so cold! Hahaha. We also watched the theater show... I ended up taking a nap and only woke up during the last song. That's what usually happens to me when my body experiences extreme weather.

The happiest place on earth still held us magically spellbound. It was always my wish to bring Miggy to Disneyland since I had enjoyed it a lot when I was a child. We managed to get a great spot during the parade. It was a day well-spent with family.

And thank God for Heattech! Hahaha.

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