Wednesday, July 22, 2020

I Wish I had a Puppy

I regularly watch pet vlogs and I can't help but wish I have a puppy. I had to give up the last puppy I had because I got very sick. Her name was Jolly.

Jolly was the cutest dog ever. She was black, but had a white streak on her chest. Her eyes were bluish and she had the most amazing smile. She moved to our neighbor and I visited her every so often. I'm grateful they took her in and loved her for many, many years. I couldn't keep her because my lungs suffered a bit hit after having pneumonia. I was allergic to everything. My Mom decided to put her up for adoption so she can be cared for better. She never forgot me and was always happy to see whenever I visted. She passed away I think around the time I had my heart surgery.


My first dog was named Bullet. I don't remember who named her, but she was a really cute brown askal*. I must have been just 4 or 5 years old when we had her. After Bullet, a cute tiny dog followed us from church. We tried to find her owner, but nobody came from her so we ended up keeping her. I'm not sure if she was a shitzu, but she was small and was a real sweetheart. It took me awhile to recover when Lemon passed away.

I was so affected with Lemon's passing, my Mom did not want me to have another pet. My Dad though got my Mom a super cute parrot. She named her Maggie. She was a darling and would say hello to everyone. I've been watching a pet vlogger who has a parrot and I now realize that we probably did not take care of Maggie properly. We nonetheless loved her a lot.

With Jolly at the park.
Eventually my Ate's boyfriend gave her a Japanese spitz. She was named Cotton. My sister eventually left for the US to take her MBA and I inherited Cotton. I never learned how to train the puppies. It's my Mom who's good at house training the dogs. I don't know how she does it, but they all follower her. I was just a regular kid who played with the dogs and cuddled them regularly. It tooks years after Cotton passed away before I could have another dog. I took in Jolly because I wanted Miggy to learn how to take care of pets. Aside from Jolly we also had hamsters and fish. When I got sick they didn't allow me anymore to have pets.

This is Whisker's (Tappy's cat). He would sit on me whenever I visited them. I now like cats too because of him.

So that's probably the reason why I watch pet vlogs. I still wish I could someday have a pet again. I still believe my lungs would eventually heal and I'd be strong enough to have a pet again. For now I have my plants. I check on them like I would a pet haha. I guess I just need to nurture something constantly (Miggy's far away so the plants will do for now).

What about you? Did you have pets when you were growing up?

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