Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Wellness Wednesdays: Keeping PTSD Under Control

I have PTSD for a long time now. I had done well post-OHS because I was able to keep myself busy. It was the PEs*** that ruined me and my game. It is common for blood clot survivors to have PTSD and it's only recently that a study was started to investigate it further. 

I had the worst PTSD attack two months ago. It shattered the coping mechanisms I established. It even re-opened old wounds and caused a cardiac episode. It was very scary and it took all my will to hang on and fight back. It took all my strength to get out of the hole. I even tried to look for a local doctor to help me, but I was told there is a shortage. It meant I had to try harder. 

I did not want to take the emergency meds I set aside. I already conquered it early this year. Taking it would mean I'd really need to see a doctor. I re-traced my journey to remember what steps I took to establish my coping mechanisms. Thought I'd write it down in case I need it in the future.

1. Focus on happy memories, that's the purpose of the happy memories photo book. 

2. Progress together with your sewing/quilting projects. At least 1% better than yesterday.

3. Grow something. Refresh your soul by spending a lot of time in the garden (also effective in keeping you offline). 

4. Exercise, start with stretching exercises then graduate to more strenuous ones when you can. 

5. Get a pet. A cat adopted us and he's so far brought us joy. We eagerly wait to see if he eats the food we give him. This is a new add on my list. It will probably be a bad idea to pet the cat (if he allows me), so I'm just content he's around. 

6. Get lots of hugs. 

And, of course, pray hard. 

I watched a video about managing intense emotions. She advised to just accept and embrace it, but remind yourself that it is happening because it was triggered. Writing can help release you from it. You also don't really need to talk about it, just ride it out. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

*PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder

**OHS - open heart surgery

***PE - pulmonary embolism

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