Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Wellness Wednesdays: Counting Calories

My cardiologist told me after heart surgery that it was certain I would start gaining weight. He told me that my heart wasn't going to compensate anymore since my valve was repaired. True enough I started gaining weight. I was able to keep a good weight until I had pulmonary embolism. The medication kept me bloated and breathing issues limited movement. 

My cardiologist advised me before to count the calories I eat. This was before I had a PE. I tried it again a few years ago and it did not work. I continued to gain weight, the lockdowns did not help because my stamina further deteriorated.

Since I still haven't lost weight, I thought I'd try again. I started counting calories on November 3. With that I avoided eating meat. Back pain reduced and I felt lighter. I also water the plants by hand everyday and I do some stretching two hours before bed. I try to move around the house as much as I could. Much as I want to spend more time outdoors, the air quality has been very bad. 

The good news is I finally lost some weight. I weighed 10 days after I started counting calories again. I lost 4 kilograms. I didn't expect it since I haven't really increased activity and I've been having asthma attacks. It is encouraging and I will continue counting calories. Who knows, maybe my stamina can increase. :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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