Friday, November 11, 2022

Lakwatsera Fridays: Shopping in Ginza

One of my favorite places in Tokyo is Ginza. I visited the place for two reasons: (1) Buy an "autumn coat", and (2) Visit a craft shop. I learned from my colleagues that in Japan they follow a color code depending on the season. I was scolded for wearing a bright red blouse during winter, haha. Apparently during winter you should wear dark colored clothing. Autumn follows a different palette as well. 

I think it was my Tita who said it would be easier to buy a coat in Ginza. I went straight to Ginza after dropping off my luggage at the hotel so I could buy an autumn coat. Unlike malls in the Philippines which are wide and have 4 to 5 stories, stores in Tokyo go upward. I promptly got lost looking for the floor that had coats. Up and down I went going through a couple of stores. 

Can you spot Uniqlo?

Once I was done with my errand, I went to Yuzawaya. It's the only craft store I found in Ginza via Google Map that I could reach by foot. The craft store has been around for more than 60 years and, oh boy, they sell a lot of beautiful Japanese made fabric. I always spend at least an hour in the shop whenever I'm able to visit. Japanese people quilt, so they carry quilting accessories that are unique. I loved the shop so much they signed me up to be a member, haha.

But, alas, I discovered that Uniqlo has a 12-floors shop in Ginza! Like, OMG? 12 floors? A Tokyo trip isn't complete for me if I'm not able to visit this amazing Uniqlo branch. Since Uniqlo is from Japan, prices are cheaper and they sell items that are not available outside of Japan. It's an unforgettable place to visit. 

Best day to visit Ginza is on Sundays. They normally close the main street from traffic, so people can walk around and some cafes set up tables and chairs too. I don't know if they made changes since the start of the pandemic. I can imagine it's getting busier now since they've opened up Japan for tourism again. 

I still use the fabric pencil I bought from Yuzawaya. I use it almost everyday and it's so far the best one I've tried on fabric. So I'll always remember Ginza because of that. Not sure though if I'll be able to brave the steep stairs from the train station if I went there now. Maybe someday. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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