Saturday, November 19, 2022

Plantita Saturdays: Growing Ginger from Kitchen Scraps (3rd Month Update)

Got a lot of ginger from a friend when the boys had COVID-19. I made salabat for a few weeks and even tried making ginger candy. We still had a lot though, so I researched how I could possibly plant some of them for future use. I use ginger sparingly also when I cook, so it would be more economical to have it in my garden. I can just get some whenever I need it. 

As of October 22 before it was inundated with sawdust.

I read that I could just put the knob in water* and allow roots to grow. It's time to plant it in soil once you have roots and stalks growing. It's been 3 months since I put some knobs in water. I put them in a covered area where it would get morning sun. Leaves soon grew and the plants looked very happy where they were located. I would water them whenever the soil was dry. I also gave it fertilizer once a week, usually diluted rice water. 

Rooted knobs in rain water. Just change the water every 2 days.

The plants though got stressed when we had some work done in our house. Sawdust would cover the leaves and it was cumbersome to clean the leaves. I noticed the leaves started to yellow and wilt. Last weekend I got help from Miggy and transferred them under the bamboo trees outside. Ginger prefers to have some morning sun and thrives in partial shade. The rain from the past week cleaned up the leaves and they soon enough looked happy again. 

I should probably be able to harvest some of the ginger by summer time. Yay!

*I used rain water

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