Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Mademoiselle vs. La Fleur? Craft Room Accent Wall

Aside from proper cabinets for my craft room, I was given the option to have an accent wall. Since it's my "cave" I thought a pink wall would be cute. I had my room painted pink way back and kinda miss it. Early last week I was asked to choose the shade of pink I wanted from a color palette. It was hard! I didn't want it to be too bright or too light. It's hard to choose because I need to make sure I don't get tired or annoyed by the color. 

From the many shades of pink I chose mademoiselle and la fleur. Mademoiselle was more vibrant and youthful. I have a shirt in the same shade. It also reminded me of my old room. La Fleur was a different shade of pink. It looks a bit peach depending on the lighting. It reminds me a bit of my 2022 planner and happy flowers. 

Mademoiselle vs. La Fleur

On Saturday, Sweetie informed me that the team had painted the two shades of pink on the wall. I had to make my choice. When I saw the wall I was immediately attracted to mademoiselle. It is a comforting shade of pink and reminded me of happy days. La fleur though was what I originally wanted. I thought it's more age appropriate and would signify a new chapter in my life. It also felt like a very stable shade of pink. 

I went out of the room after looking at it and pinged some friends for advise. Posted the options on my stream, but the result was 50-50. Everyone was torn about the choices too, haha. A friend took it a step further and explained to me what kind of accessories would match the room. Mademoiselle would match with silver colored accessories. La fleur would match with gold colored accessories. My pink bench though matches better with mademoiselle, but I could always make a cover for it. 

First coating

After thinking more about it, I finally decided on a shade. I chose la fleur since it looked more fresh, it's I think more appropriate for my age, if ever I add accessories, I'd prefer gold, and it won't make me crave for strawberry ice cream. 

Shiny new craft room
(the painter said he loves the color)

Over the next few days, the cabinets and paint job were finished. I just went down and the room is ready for me to move in. We'll have it cleaned first before I organize my sewing materials again.

Thank you Lord for the beautiful gift :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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