Thursday, November 10, 2022

Throwback Thursday: Palm Pilot Chronicles

Unearthed photos I had saved on my palm pilot. Yes, I had one 15 years ago. I think I kept it for 3 years until a friend bought it off me. The photos were backed up from a Nokia phone and my first digital camera, a Kodak cam. I realized I had a good work-life balance back then. I wasn't always stuck working since me and my colleagues went out often, we had company outings and I spent time with friends on weekends. 

Wendy's with Dad and Mom.

Miggy and I were still living with my parents at that time. Life was so simple. From Monday to Friday I'd go to work. Sleep in on Saturdays and then do choir service for the anticipated mass. Attend choir practice and then have dinner with friends. We oftentimes also hang-out in someone's house after. It was a good, happy routine. 

Birthday at home.

I thought I was going to work at the yellow pages forever. I had purposely looked for a company that was good for single parents. Work was from 7am to 4pm, that meant I got home the same time Miggy got home from school. Weekends were free for extra-curricular activities. I loved the routine and I got to spend a lot of time with Miggy. 

The last photo I backed up on my palm pilot was a photo of me and Sweetie. We had just gotten together as a couple and we had several photos taken (from a web cam). Miggy was holding up his Spiderman blanket behind us to cover up his messy bed, haha. 

The start of a new era.

I don't have that many photos from this era. Most of my photos back then were printed from negatives. All of them went underwater during typhoon ondoy. These were some of the precious ones I had backed up from my palm pilot. I was only able to save my computer when the basement was suddenly flooded. So these are truly precious! :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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