Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wellness Wednesdays: Alleviated Back Pain Overnight

I was so miserable last Monday. I woke up with back pain again. I've been experiencing it since September. I would wake up in pain and it sometimes made me cry. I was really feeling miserable all day on Monday and I felt hopeless. 

I started having back pain in 2019. It was really debilitating. I couldn't sit and I would even work at other spaces in the office where the chair didn't hurt my back. I was referred by my orthopedic doctor to a spine doctor. After a CT scan I was told my spine had started to degenerate. Luckily, my doctor said we could try physiotherapy. 

Since the hospital's PT sched was always full, my ortho recommended me to go to a clinic. It was the clinic that did Sweetie's PT for his knee. I soon started seeing the best physiotherapist in the world, Wendy. Aside from helping me with my back, Wendy also did some pulmo rehab for me. She saw how hard it was for me to exercise, so she helped improve my breathing too. Soon enough my back and lungs started to feel better. 

Last September, after the cardiac episode, I woke up with debilitating back pain. Sweetie had to help me get out of bed. The scan I did last July hasn't been seen by a spine doc/ortho since I don't have one here. The one I know lives in Mindanao (maybe I should do a VC noh?). It was hard, but I worked my way up to do the PT exercises Wendy taught me. 

The exercise helped, but I would still feel pain. The strange thing is I'd only feel the pain before I woke up. It's been interrupting my sleep and after two months I just really felt miserable. My pulmo has referred me to a spine doctor and I hope to see him soon. 

Last week, I saw Ninang Jane post about the Uratex back care mattress. I read more about spine degeneration and one reco was to check your mattress. I thought I'd give it a try and ordered one. It surprisingly arrived last Sunday, but we only added it last Monday. 

Woke up yesterday morning without back pain. I was so amazed since it's been two months since I started feeling pain. I guess the mattress we bought is too soft for me (I'm used to sleeping on the floor). Well, the Uratex back care mattress has been a great add-on. I'll continue to exercise (maybe finally break the 10-minute mark?) since I also need to lose weight. 

If you're experiencing back pain, don't think twice and buy this topper asap! 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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