Saturday, June 4, 2022

Forgiveness is No Substitute for Justice

We went around our neighborhood to spin somme Pokestops earlier. We usually go around the park since there are a number of Pokestops in the area.  We usually stop and park where the stops are reachable and I saw a gate that had a message on the gate -

The house looked like it was being renovated. It probably had building materials inside, but no one was there to keep the place secure. Well, that was the main reason why we lived in a condo for a long time. We traveled a lot and could just easily lock up our place and leave. We decided to move to a house mainly because of the pandemic. We felt it would be safer for us to live in a detached house, plus we rarely go out nowadays. 

Stealing IS a mortal sin. Last night I watched a video on PTSD. The doctor explained that PTSD is caused by experiences that are usually disastrous and something very hard to comprehend. It is that inability to deal with the matter that triggers the stress. It happens because the event is something that does not adhere to your values or what is normal. 

The past few weeks have been very difficult for me. I told Sweetie last night that May 9 triggered my PTSD. I was already able to manage other issues, but May 9 was just really incomprehensible for me. I've been avoiding watching and reading the news because it stresses me out. When I get stressed, I get sick. Sweetie told me maybe I could train myself again so I could cope better. 

That made me get to the bottom of why its triggering my PTSD. Stealing is a mortal sin. It is one of the ten commandments and certainly an important value for me. Managing the issue of my Mom's helper and May 9 stems from the same belief that's been attacked. I think we can all agree that it is a painful experience when someone steals from you. It's been incomprehensible for me since it was done by a person we trusted for many years. And the circumstances surrounding May 9 is also incomprehensible. 

"Forgiveness is no substitute for justice." - Pope Benedict XVI

Outrage is what I feel. I am angry and that's why I am stressed. I cannot just let it go as someone suggested. There is so much more than being stolen from. It happened in my home which is our safe place. To help Mom move forward I hired professional cleaners, got Fr. Rene to bless our home again and I had everything they left physically removed from inside the house. That helped remove the bad vibes at home, but how does one remove six years of bad vibes we're stuck with? 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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