Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Journey of Making a Memory Quilt Blanket

I collected a massive amount of shirts since I joined Google in 2006. Through the years though my shirt size grew from extra small to never mind. Chalk it up to achieving the Google 10 (now 15) a few times. I joined during the time the company used to give a lot of shirts for employees. I kept all the shirts because I thought I'd eventually lose weight and be able to wear the old ones. Of course, that did not happen. 

I took a break back in 2019 and cleaned out my closet. Found my collection of t-shirts and thought it was a good time to start making a t-shirt memory quilt. Cutting the shirts was a painful process. T-shirt fabric isn't the same as the cotton fabric normally used for quilting. I gave the leftover parts of the shirt to my Mom for her rug project, so nothing went to waste. I didn't finish cutting the shirts so I brought it back to SG with me. 

Did some research to understand the process of making t-shirt quilt better. Got the fusible interfacing and other fabric I needed online. I managed to finish cutting the shirts while in Singapore and intended to fuse the interfacing with the shirts while in quarantine. Ended up sleeping through quarantine hahaha. Only got to work on it again early this year when the boys set-up my sewing area in the living room. 

I've been toiling on it for many months now. I spending two to three hours about four times a week. It is tiring and progress is dependent on my health too. My doctor asked me if I get tired working on it. I said no since it's fun for me. I also used a sewing machine to work on it, but I did hand stitching to piece the fabric together. It's hard to align pieces via a machine and I wanted the lines to be more precise. That's what I wanted to improve from the last pieces of blankets I made. 

I think I'm 80% done with the blanket now. I pieced two sets of two rows together. I'm now in the wrestling match phase of quilt blanket making, hahaha. I call it a wrestling match because it's hard to manuever heavy pieces of fabric that's been sandwiched with wadding. Good thing I got lighter wadding from Spotlight. I think I'll finish merging all seven rows this week. I'll add the backing next week and then make the binding. I should hopefully finish before end of the month! Yay! 

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