Saturday, June 11, 2022

Some Upgrades at Home

Sitting in the dark amidst hammering and the sound of the walis tingting scraping the concrete garage floor. I'm in the dark because the solar crew turned off the electricity to connect the panels to the electric panel. It will take about two hours to finish the work and I hope my Mi Fan battery lasts. 

After a lot of encouragement from my Kuya we decided to get solar panels installed in our home. We're using the same company he used for Mom's home. The crew said they'll finish the installation today, we'll likely get to really try it tomorrow since the panels didn't get enough charge today.

I'm both excited and nervous whenever we try something new. I know solar tech has been around for awhile now so it should be safe. I'm just really anxious whenever there's something new that requires power. Much like the anxiety I've been having since I started using the oxygen concentrator. There's a long list of "don'ts" when using it!
Aside from the solar project,  we're also having our roof fixed. It's been leaking. I don't want to have a waterfall like what happened at Mom's so I nagged and nagged to get it done. I hope this second round of repairs will finally address the leaks. We're also having the master bedroom floor reinforced. It feels like we're on a trampoline whenever we walk across it. It makes me dizzy. That required a lot of nagging also to get done. 

I didn't get to work on my quilt project. I took care of the food tasks. Thanks to Grab and the restos I ordered from I didn't have any issues with it. I wanted to hang out upstairs to help, but it was really a struggle to breathe through a mask so I stayed in the maker room most of the day.

Hope all the works will be finished by tomorrow :)

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