Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Secret to Long Life

Happy to share that we're doing well. Sweetie is still in isolation, but so far his antigen tests have been negative. To be sure he'll stay one more night in isolation and test again tomorrow. He also needs to rest so this forced rest will be good for him. I've been out of commission so he's been my superman. The new medication has helped a lot and I think I'm getting better. 

Sweetie checking his step count.

I'm breathing better now so I'm working on upping my stamina. I'm doing this through my happy exercise -- gardening! It's been a good exercise because I'm forced to squat and do a lot of arm movements. Met a few caterpillars though in the last few days. They probably came from the trees from the property beside us. I so far haven't seen a lot, but I sprayed some neem oil to be sure. 

It was on the pot I was about to grab! Good thing I saw it before I could touch it.
Would have been a gazillion times itchy!

I had Miggy transfer my plants in pots from the pocket garden to the back garden. They were looking so sad already because of the dry-wet-dry weather cycle. Trimmed a lot of dead leaves the past few days and hope they will recover. I'm happy though that the plants my Mom gave us are all still alive! They probably still have her magic in time that's why they're going strong. 

I planted some seeds last week and some have started to sprout. Yay! I think it's a bad time though to plant seeds since it's been raining off and on. I haven't been able to harvest anything yet since I've been a bad home gardener. Well, I think my plant babies appreciate the renewed attention because I finally saw the rope tomato forming flowers! I hope though the rain doesn't ruin them. 

Of course, Mom was in the garden this afternoon.

Gardening has been a good way to heal and center myself. I was in a really bad place after the elections. The quiet of working with nature really has a different kind of magic. It really helps calm and heal. It's the reason why my Mom is healthy and strong at 86. Caring for other living things other than yourself I think is the secret to long life. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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