Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Reducing my Stuff

Last week Sweetie pulled out all our stuff from the unit. Once again our living room is full of boxes. We've targeted to open at least once box per day. The plan is to aggressively retire and donate pre-loved items. 

That Carepak box was from the time we moved to the condo in 2012, lol. 

It's only now we've been able to get to our stuff that was left behind when we moved to Singapore. I found my wedding shoes. It's a bit dirty now from years of storage. I'm trying to find out how to get it cleaned. I bought the hablon fabric in Iloilo and had it customized in Cubao. It's still so pretty and sparks so much joy. I don't have the heart to give it away even though I don't think I'll be wearing heeled shoes anytime soon. 

In fairness, I was able to reduce my shoes by 70%. I have only been using one pair since I got home. My lifestyle now is so different so I don't need a lot of stuff. We filled up a balikbayan box full of shoes and just in time because my Tita Olive is arriving tomorrow. I hope she could bring it back and give them away in our hometown. 

I had a bad habit of bringing home the favorite things I had in Singapore. I had this idea that I would still use them when I eventually went home. Found my favorite bag yesterday. It's the one I used a lot in my early days in Singapore. It got worn out so I brought it home and thought I'd still be able to use it. Well, it got more worn out in storage. The straps just need to be changed and it will still be useful. I now prefer to use the bags I make, so this one went to the donation bin. 

At the rate I'm going, it's going to take months before we finish the boxes haha. I'm following Marie Kondo's steps, but harsher. Does it spark joy? If it does, will I still use it? And will I use it in the next 3 months? If it's not going in my closet, then I might as well just retire it so someone else can use it. 

The one thing though that's hard for me to let go are my winter items! The items grew when I frequented visiting Japan and Taiwan. In Japan they even have an autumn coat so wearing your winter coat during autumn is strange. Everyone wears autumn colors during the season, so if you wear winter colors you're gonna stick out. A lesson I learned the hard way when I once wore bright red in December (I thought the Christmas color would be appreciated haha). Well, I still want to travel again one of these days and winter clothes are expensive, so I'm just going to store them for now. 

It will be fun to go through my stuff and a huge relief once we're done! Well, here's hoping someone would truly work on our cabinets noh?

#BeKind #StaySafe

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