Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Missing Toastbox

Lived in Singapore for 10 years, but I feel I wasn't able to fully appreciate and see all of it. I was so busy with work and was always traveling, I only got to really stay there without leaving because of the lockdown. Spent most of the time at home during the lockdown, but that was when we started to enjoy going to the park. 

The thing I miss most in Singapore is Toastbox! I used to drink teh peng almost everyday. I loved pairing it with toast and eggs. Today Sweetie brought home some milk tea from Nanyang. A friend told me it was the Toastbox at SM Aura. I was so excited to try it because it's been 8 months since I've had some. 

The first sip brought back happy memories. I regularly had it as dessert with Cherry after eating lunch. We'd descend from the 37th floor to buy at the food court. The crew would always ask me every time why I looked like a local and how come I couldn't speak Chinese* since I had Chinese blood. Well, when we moved to MBC the Toastbox was too far, so we'd normally go to Gong Cha or Starbucks. 

Toastbox was also a must visit place whenever we had friends over. It's where the TeaCompletely crew would always hang out whenever Koyah Drew was in Singapore. I wanted to visit all Toastbox branches in Singapore and was about to do it, but Marv went back home so I lost my Toastbox buddy haha. Didn't get to continue since we had to avoid going out for safety. Good thing it was easy to get some Toastbox goodies for delivery. 

Glad Sweetie was able to bring home some milk tea. It tastes a lot like my favorite Toastbox teh peng. Too bad it's far from where I live, but maybe I could get some at least once a quarter.

 *I tried studying, but I couldn't figure out the intonations so I ended up studying Nihongo instead.

#BeKind #StaySafe

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