Monday, June 20, 2022

Tropical Hut and Me

I'm really happy to see the newfound support being given to Tropical Hut. Since we got home we have been ordering TH delivery every other week. I always order the classic cheeseburger and macaroni salad. I also like their dinuguan and we always get their rice meals. It's comfort food for us and we're happy because we're sandwiched between two branches now!

The classic Tropical Hut burger, 2008.

I first learned about Tropical Hut when Kuya used to visit a friend in BF. I was the key so he could borrow the car, haha. I eventually got to know TH more when I worked for a telco. It was one of my accounts, so I I got to visit all the six supermarket branches. Their head office used to be in EDSA and I remember everyone was always nice. Of course, I always had a snack whenever I visited any of the branches. 

I used to sell cookies too and always got all my ingredients at Tropical Hut. They had the best prices when it came to baking supplies. I got to visit the BF branch often because I used to bring and pick up Miggy from school everyday. Sometimes we'd stopover at TH to buy merienda before going home. 

I was looking for a photo of TH in my photo baul. I only found one from 2008! It's funny how you take for granted that some things will always be there, so you don't bother taking photos. I've been ordering smaller burgers the past two months, but the bigger burgers are still wrapped in tin foil the last time I ordered. We just got some TH a day or two before it trended. I'm just happy to see more people are trying it. Do check your area because it looks like they are expanding!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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