Friday, September 4, 2020

3 Things You Need to Keep Healthy According to My Doctor

I went to see my doctor today. He's the one who did my open heart surgery (twice!) seven years ago. He remembers me well because they only discovered I was a complicated case after they opened me up. The original 2-hour surgery lasted 4 hours and then they had to do it again a few weeks later when I had water in my heart. He is one of my heroes. His expert hands ensured I would live.

He is one of my favorite doctors because he's so chill. Whenever I come for a check-up we always end up having a long chat especially when he's not busy. He took over management of my MTS issues last year and has been really supportive whenever there's something weird going on in my body. He checked my heart and said that the valve is beautifully placed and there are no leaks. In a few months he said we could likely remove one of my maintenance meds. Yay!

I've been going to this clinic for 8 years now, this is my first photo in it haha. 

I've been nagging him on when we can remove one of the maintenance meds. I gave him the good news that my respiratory doctor discontinued one of my inhalers. I really want to eventually get rid of all of my maintenance meds. My doctor said that medicines help in some way, but ultimately there are three things you can do to be healthy.

1. Diet 

When I told him a few months ago I was learning how to bake bread, the first thing he asked was, "Does it have a lot of butter?" So far the buns I've been cooking does not require a lot of butter so it's been okay. My doctors don't prohibit me to eat anything. The only usual reminder is not to eat acid inducing food and to eat on time. 

2. Exercise

Since I've been working from home my doctor has been teaching me quick exercises I can do in between meetings. I actually taught my colleagues some of it. It's usually stretches you can do so your back won't hurt. I'm lucky my physiotherapist is so patient with me. I feel we'll soon be back to the strength I had in early April. She said soon I should be able to go biking. Yay!

3. Sleep

Eight hours of sleep is what you need everyday. For your body to be restored overnight you need 8 hours of sleep. Ahhh I don't have any issues about sleeping long. It only gets interrupted when I have early morning meetings. Oh, my doctor also said that if you drink sleeping pills that doesn't help restore your body when you sleep. His advise for those who have a hard time sleeping is to take a walk after dinner. That would tire you out and you'd have a good night's sleep. I had a good night's sleep last night because our walk in the park covered 2 kilometers.

I think to support all three points one should also top it up with positive thinking. :)

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