Wednesday, September 23, 2020

How Essential Oils Made my Hair Lustrous Again

The last two years of taking maintenance medication has been awful for my hair. There are odd strands that are colored on both ends, but white in the middle. Some have become kinky. I badly needed a trim because my hair started falling like crazy. I got lucky and got a trim a few weeks ago. That helped a bit, but my hair needed rescuing. 

I don't really like going to the salon. For two reasons: (1) I get anxious spending so much time getting a haircut/hair treatment; (2) They keep trying to sell you stuff you don't need! I was previously conned to buy expensive hair products which I was told would make my scalp and hair healthy. Whenever I stopped using the previous symptoms would just come back immediately. I eventually gave it up and avoided the salon that recommended the products to me. 

What my hair and scalp likes is natural treatment. When I remember I do this home hair spa regimen which I learned from a TV show many, many years ago. I also tried using mayonnaise. That works, but I feel it's wasteful and I'd rather put the mayo in my sandwich. 

I was introduced to essential oils by Ninang Jane and a high school classmate who's a doctor. Other high school classmates also recommended it to me. I started using it to diffuse oils. I super loved it! Eventually I did some research and found other uses for the oils. I found several recipes on how it can help make your hair healthy. I use an essential oil based shampoo and conditioner (from Young Living) and I made several "hair sprays" which I spritz on my hair before I take a bath. 

Here's the hair spray recipe: 

Bottle #1: 100ml spray bottle, 5 drops Lavander oil, top with distilled water

Bottle #2: 100ml spray bottle, 5 drops Cedarwood oil, top with distilled water

Bottle #3: 100ml spray bottle, 5 drops Rosemary oil, top with distilled water

*I use Young Living essential oils

I've been using it for two weeks now and the hair fall has drastically reduced and I'm seeing less kinky hair strands. I guess the oils are helping keep my hair healthy. I noticed also that my hair has been more shiny and lustrous. I've also been sleeping much better. I read that the smell of cedarwood helps with melatonin production which helps with better sleep. And probably the lavander relaxes me too.

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