Sunday, September 6, 2020

Tomato Plants are Bearing More Fruits!

It took awhile before my tomatoes started to bear fruit. I had to learn how to pollinate them by hand since bees rarely visit my balcony. The mustasa plant decided to bolt already and there's a bee that has been visiting it daily.

I've been hovering over the tomato plants the past two weeks because the cucumber plant has been plagued by a pest. I've been actively pruning the tomato plants to remove affected leaves. I don't want to use insecticide so I've been using neem oil to ward off the pesky bugs.

Surprisingly the plants are bearing more fruits. I'm not sure if it's the bee, the frequent pruning, hand pollinating or the neem oil that encouraged the plant to bear more fruit. It's probably a combination of all the efforts. The fruits though are so small. I planted it from one huge tomato that I sliced into four so I'm not sure why it's not growing bigger. I'll need to research more about that issue.

What about you? How are your plants?

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