Thursday, September 10, 2020

I Finally Got a Haircut!

Well more of a trim since I'm still looking for a place here in Singapore where I could donate my hair once I get a real haircut. My hair have gone unbearably long.

I don't even remember the last time I got a haircut. It may have been September or November last year. I was set to get a haircut last January, but the Taal Volcano erupted and I couldn't go out because of the ashfall (due to my wonky lungs). I read that getting a haircut was risky so I asked my doctor last week if it's safe for me now to get one. He said yes.

Luckily we chanced upon an empty QB House. It's a shop here in Singapore that provides hair-cutting services for just SG$12. Regular salons usually cost at least 5x more. I've never tried it since I normally wait until I get home to get a haircut (or in Japan when I feel like splurging). The service normally just takes 10 minutes (the way I like it!). So in I went when Sweetie suggested it.

The auntie who did my haircut seemed so excited to cut my hair. She actually took longer to cut it (I know because a guy came in after me and finished before I did). I was just expecting a straight trim, but she offered to round up the edges. I guess auntie was bored. I was happy to indulge her. She also gave some advise on how I could find a salon or org where I could donate my hair. She said though that it's not common here in Singapore. They usually take the hair and send it abroad to make it into a wig.

Auntie chopped off about 3 inches of my hair and it honestly still looks very long. I hope my next haircut would be where I could donate hair. I'm not sure though if they'll accept my hair since I read they don't accept those with grey hair (I developed a lot in the last few months! Gaaah!). Anyway, I hope I made auntie's day since she seemed really excited to cut my hair hehe.

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