Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Secret to Fast-Tracking to a Better Life

I read this on Didache last night, "Don't shun the guidance of your elders. Why commit their mistakes when they can teach you a shortcut?*" I thought more about it before I fell asleep and remembered those days after I graduated when my Dad gave me a boatload of advise. I was then young and stubborn and wanted to do things my way. He let me be, but what followed was many years of trial and error and a lot of mishaps and misdemeanors. 

This was taken at the airport in Jakarta. Our flight was super delayed.
Dad regaled the apos with his childhood stories.

It was on September 27, 2007 when things started going the right way for me. That was the day I was on my way home from the US. I sent a plea to Papa God to navigate my life. Through the years I would remember those nuggets of wisdom my parents shared to me. Here's a few of them:

(1) Hardwork pays off. Work hard for what you want. 

(2) Don't show off.  Your efforts will be recognized by itself. 

(3) Find someone who has the same values as you. 

(4) Speak up when there is wrong-doing. 

(5) Do the best you can for your mission. Do this to serve God. 

(6) Don't be a corporate slave (sorry Dad, I still am).

(7) Keep your hands busy. 

(8) Believe in yourself and have faith. 

(9) Nothing is impossible with God.

(10) Always pray. 

Those are just a few of the lessons my parents have taught me. The most important part of it is letting Papa God navigate my life. When I'm in a bind now I always ask myself, "What would Daddy/Mommy do?" 

What about you? Where you always obedient to your parents? Did you always listen to their advise? Or where you like me, stubborn? 

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*Reflection written by Rissa Singson Kawpeng, September 25, Didache

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