Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Left My Wallet at Home! Gaah!

Half-way to the hospital for my follow-up check-up I realized I left my wallet at home. I had taken it out of my bag last weekend and forgot to return it inside my bag. I realized I left it because I was wondering why my bag seemed spacious. I wasn't worried I won't get back home, I was annoyed I wouldn't be able to get some stuff at the grocery.

I didn't want to be late for my appointment so I just went to see my doctor. He was happy with my progress. I told his nurse I hope I didn't need to pay for anything since I left my wallet at home. She said not to worry since the fees and medication were going to be charged to insurance. Whew!

Just me and Mr. Cat today.

I really wanted to buy Sweetie some coffee buns. His favorite is from a bakery at the Bugis MRT Station. Luckily my coin purse was in my bag. I walked past the bakery to check the price and then went to the side to count my money. I managed to buy 4 coffee buns and skipped buying my favorite bun.

I was surprised to see that the MRT entrance into Bugis Junction is already open. I stopped in front of Cold Storage to just look longingly at what I wanted to buy (new flowers). I passed by Toastbox and saw they had my favorite bread. I hoped I had enough coins to pay for it. Luckily I did.

While waiting for my doctor I checked my bag if I had any money in the bag. I had my coin purse, but nothing else. I realized I probably had cash in my MRT card, in apps on my phone and there's Paylah. I have colleagues who go out without any cash (now I remember my manager owes me $20 since March). In Singapore you can go out and just have your money tied to apps or your cards, no need to bring cash. I follow a budget so as much as possible I don't use my credit card because spending tends to pile up if you do.

Before I went home I discovered my Starbucks app had some money in it. Of course, I got some dessert for me and Sweetie. I usually take a taxi and pay cash to help uncle taxi drivers. Today I had to take Grab going home since I didn't have enough money on me. Maybe I'll just buy the grocery items I need tomorrow after physiotherapy.

Going out without my wallet wasn't a disaster. I'm happy I was able to buy coffee buns for Sweetie. I just need to make sure I don't forget it again tomorrow!

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